Sunday, July 14, 2013

A new stretch of freedom starts now - summer vacation - and I am so grateful that... 

1. I get another re-boot for life, wide open space for reading, visiting, walking....
2. I offered a sweet writing circle for 10 women in Stockholm, WI yesterday - very nice.
3. Kathleen has settled into the house and we are enjoying our new set up!
4. I just finished my 7th book of the summer, and I loved it.  "The Interestings!"and I will start my next summer read, "The Yogahlossee Riding Camp for Girls" tonight.
5. I got to see my best (Baltimore!) friend, Rick 2 times in the last month -- the best.

Bonus smile....

The poem I wrote while in yesterday's writing circle prompted by the simple idea...
"Write about something beautiful that happened to you this week"

Here's what happened in my notebook.....

I will be 47 next week
and weirdly, (or even sadly, I suppose)
I just learned to identify some very basic but beautiful things -
the birdsongs of the robin, black-capped chickadee and the cardinal.  

Who knew my backyard was hiding 
such secrets
and for so long?

It's so clear now, so simple really, 
but since learning,
their calls stop me in my tracks and
the proud wide smile 

of a child's knowing something new 
has settled on my face.

I wonder what's in store for me next year?

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