Thursday, December 14, 2017

On Returning and Moving Forward

Since my last post on this blog more than four years ago much has transpired in my life and work. Today is Thursday, December 14, 2017. Winter has informally arrived in St. Paul and Christmas and the New Year are fast approaching. I am returning to this blog just as many opportunities are presenting themselves to me. Many doors are opening and so many possibilities are surfacing for my 2018.  I have chosen to return to my blog as a way to walk with myself, take time to pause, and to clarify my intentions for this New Year.  Intentions. Welcome (almost) 2018. Onward.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A new stretch of freedom starts now - summer vacation - and I am so grateful that... 

1. I get another re-boot for life, wide open space for reading, visiting, walking....
2. I offered a sweet writing circle for 10 women in Stockholm, WI yesterday - very nice.
3. Kathleen has settled into the house and we are enjoying our new set up!
4. I just finished my 7th book of the summer, and I loved it.  "The Interestings!"and I will start my next summer read, "The Yogahlossee Riding Camp for Girls" tonight.
5. I got to see my best (Baltimore!) friend, Rick 2 times in the last month -- the best.

Bonus smile....

The poem I wrote while in yesterday's writing circle prompted by the simple idea...
"Write about something beautiful that happened to you this week"

Here's what happened in my notebook.....

I will be 47 next week
and weirdly, (or even sadly, I suppose)
I just learned to identify some very basic but beautiful things -
the birdsongs of the robin, black-capped chickadee and the cardinal.  

Who knew my backyard was hiding 
such secrets
and for so long?

It's so clear now, so simple really, 
but since learning,
their calls stop me in my tracks and
the proud wide smile 

of a child's knowing something new 
has settled on my face.

I wonder what's in store for me next year?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Being Happy With What Is & With What I Have

Moving slowly this morning, and getting ready for the day.

Feeling grateful...

1. That I will see my best friend Rick in a few minutes, as he stops at my house to get a key, and then, makes his way up north to our lake house heaven.

2.  That I have such a clarity in my "to do" list!  (so much I need/want to do before returning to work August 19th) -- now, just to get myself to DO IT!

3.  That I get to go to my favorite movie movie theater today (the Uptown!) with Kathleen to see 20 Feet from seats EVER and I think the movie will be good too!

4.  That it is the weekend later today, and I will get to have a leisurely time with my girl, who has been working like a dog!

5.  That my back seems to be continually improving....and for noticing that I am staying focussed (trying) on what doesn't hurt, instead of what does!  (the image at the beginning of the blog is what I am trying to remember today, and the image at the end of this blog is what I wish for)

It's all good!

Bonus smile...

I just love the idea of being physically care-free to run and jump into the lake!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gratitude Times Two

There is So Much to be grateful for....

I missed yesterday's post for a great reason!
So here's what's up!

I am grateful for...

1.  The sale and moving process all going so well, without a hitch. It was a busy day getting Kathleen's home sale closed and settling into Jefferson Avenue!

2.  A GORGEOUS stretch of Minnesota summer weather.   YES!

3.  The chance to sleep in later that a usual work-day morning (when my back is sore and my sleep routine continues to be out of whack and I don't sleep well in the night!) - Tony Robbins would ask, "what's great about this problem?" - such a good question, a way to stop thinking about the problem, and focus on the positive outcomes and solutions.

4.  A developing opportunity to volunteer soon....more to come on this!

5.  Two upcoming opportunities to publish some writing about my work with writing circles.  (The drafts are on my desk, but hopefully they will be complete and sent on their way by August 1st!)

Bonus smile...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The main thing I am grateful for today?....

#1.  Kathleen (& Mr. B!) moved in and our life together in the 55105 zip code begins!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Could Dance All Day!

I am grateful today......why?

1.  Well, for starters, today is the day.....Move In Day is here.....I am starting a new life with my girl.  Time to share my house again.  Yes!  The house of Joy!

2.  I am grateful that I saw this post today on facebook...Thanks, Pam!
This video made me laugh and cry - you have to watch it! --

3.  After a few weeks of summer vacation solitude and re-grouping, I have had a chance to reconnect with several friends this week...leisurely conversations on the patio, phone, porch.....more to come this week!  Feel lucky to be connected to such good people.

4.  My fruit bowl was FANTASTIC today -- (simple pleasures, every day!)

5.  Although I haven't been to Gay Pride since 1999, I am grateful to being living a life outloud, proud, everyday....myself.

In honor of gay pride weekend.....a Bonus smile...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Daze

This looks like my kind of summer daze!
(Thanks, Grit, for posting this pic on facebook!)

Today, I am grateful for...

1. life being on my slow-paced and quiet schedule, not work's!
2. being able to sleep in (still trying to get a good sleep routine in order!)
3. spending the day today with my friend Tess, passing the LAB torch onto her!
4. only one more night, and I will be sharing my house with Kathleen!
5. the wind is blowing through the house and the air conditioners are off!

Enjoy this bonus smile....what does summer mean to you?